Rewarding Writing Jobs Await, 2023 Will Be Your Best

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When you want to be a writer the path to the career isn’t always the easiest to see. Especially in 2023, trying to tease out how to be a writer can be a difficult task. Here are some online writing jobs that you can start doing from home, right now!

  • You can start blogging. Blogging is when you write articles and posts on a website. You can start by building your own blog to write about things that you are knowledgeable on, or have a great deal of interest in, or you can write for someone else’s blog.
  • You can write content such as articles or posts for websites and magazines. This can include articles about products, news, celebrities, or anything else you can think of.
  • Copywriting. This is when you write out the advertisements and marketing material that you see throughout the world around us. You can do this for a variety of companies on many different mediums.
  • Technical writing to help write instructions and manuals for a plethora of different products.
  • Ghostwriting by writing books, articles, and other content for someone else. The caveat here is that you will generally be paid upfront, though you retain no credit for writing the piece, and it doesn’t help to build your own portfolio. It will help you practice your craft though!

Websites such as make it easy to find jobs for you to write online, and remember, practice is key. The longer you spend writing the better your writing will get. You can easily find jobs such as those listed above online and if you have a specific skillset or background, such as in medicine, it can really help you find specific jobs.

Being a writer is a great way to earn a side income or even your main slice of the pie in 2023. By practicing, building your portfolio, and writing every day, you can quickly build up an impressive resume.

Are Any of these Easier or Harder than the Others?

That’s a fair question. Let’s take a look at some of these suggestions and look at the ups and downs of each of them. The difficulty level of each may be dependent on the person who is doing the writing, and their own personal set of skills and background.


Blogging can be easy and a lot of fun if you’re writing about topics you love and have a lot of background knowledge on. However, it can be a long trek to building an audience, and it may take quite some time to begin making money from your own blog.

Content Writing

With content writing, you have a great starting point for writers as it is easier to find clients and it can be a great way to build on your writing skills. It may however require specific background knowledge that you just aren’t able to fully represent through research alone. Still, a good writer with a bit of research can often overcome these challenges.


This can be a bit more challenging than the others because it requires writing what are essentially sales pitches. Sales isn’t a skill everyone has, but for those who do it can be a lot of fun. Your writing has to sound exciting, but not too grandiose. It’s a fine balancing act. The rewards of this can be quite high, however.

Technical Writing

Technical writing can be difficult for writers who don’t have a background in the field for which they’re writing. It requires that you have great research skills, and often you’ll spend longer researching than actually writing. You’ll also need the ability to understand complex technological concepts, and then break them down in an easy-to-digest way. This can also be quite a rewarding field.


Ghostwriting is often off on its own. It can be easy to find jobs as a ghostwriter, as often you won’t be paid unless the quality expectations are met. This means that you can spend time writing a piece that you won’t even sell. However, it’s a great way to build up experience, and make sure your writing meets the quality expectations of the business world. You need to have a good understanding of your client’s “voice” and the project itself. It can be tricky to write as someone else, and often requires a lot of research and information gathering.

As with everything in life, practice makes perfect. If you focus on one type of writing and really put in the time you can do any of them!

Online writing jobs

What Are the Advantages of Doing Online Writing Jobs in 2023

Honestly, this may be the best time in history to be a writer. First, there are plenty of companies and individuals out there who are willing to hire writers. You have the flexibility of literally working from anywhere. Want to work from a beach? Fine. Want to work from a mountain after you just got off the slopes on your snowboard? You do you.

There are literally thousands of opportunities. You can write about absolutely any topic in the world, and someone will be willing to pay for it. You’ll have the independence and freedom to set your own schedule and goals. You’ll be your own boss, and you’ll reap all the rewards. Though, you will also take all the risk.

You’ll grow as a person as you discover new things about the world and yourself. You’ll express yourself creatively and your career will grow and develop as well. In a world where almost any job is a remote job, opportunities are literally endless.

As with any profession, your career is a work in progress, and the journey will have its ups and downs. But if you put in the time writing can be an amazing profession.

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